Using MagicJack to Make International Calls For Totally free


This article is for people who have a family member located overseas that they speak to frequently.

So normally, with magicJack you can only make use of magicJack to call phone numbers inside the United States. However , many people still find a way to use magicJack to call friends and family that they have overseas.

So how do these people find a way to make international calls using magicJack?

Making Free International Phone calls using magicJack

Here’s how you can use magicJack to make international calls in order to loved ones overseas:

First of all, make sure that you both have an internet connection.
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Using magicJack requires an internet connection for every user which is using the magicJack to make international calls.
Buy two magicJacks.
Follow the service procedure for both magicJacks.
Activate each of them using the same area code.
Mail one of the magicJacks over to the loved one that you wish to speak to.
Your loved one can now make phone calls to anybody in the United States! And now, you can make an international contact to your family member over the internet for free!

The way it works is that when you activate the particular magicJack, the magicJack gets assigned an United States phone number. So anyone who has a magicJack can call any kind of phone number in the United States at no charge! This includes those who use a magicJack out of the country who also call into the United States.

Also, please be aware that this method works best when you have a few family members that you speak to frequently, when you will have to follow the same procedure for every single household that you want to use the magicJack with.

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