Remove Those Implants on Your Penis


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An erection during sexual intercourse is like climbing a mountain. Keep reading to know what we are talking about.

By the way, what is it that you got under the hood? You see, these stuffs are usually long tubes which are surgically placed along the shaft of the penile. And also a pump which may be sited either internally or externally.

How these penis implants work? The tubes that you got are filled with air, silicone or normal saline. And they either manually operates by the pump through a mechanism usually stitched to the scrotum or by a remote-control device.

These penis implants are kind of the version of Love’s Frankenstein, right? But for waving your flag again, a guy got to do what a guy got to do! However, if these stuffs give you an infection, you have to immediately remove them off the crotch.

You need one day surgery or a licensed physician in hospital in order to remove these penis implants. And here are things that you need pay attention to before having them removed!

First, find out if the penile plant needs to be removed! You’re going to need an evaluation done by your urologist or a general surgeon. If they give an evaluation that advice for having them removed, then proceed with next step!

Second, when you’re entering the hospital, for the next 12 hours prior to the procedure, you won’t be allowed to eat anything. Your blood will be drained an IV before entering surgical room. So be sure to have enough eat in 12 hours before the process!

Third, after an anesthesiologist put you into sleep, the surgeon will removal those penis implants through an incision along the shaft of the penile. The tubes and the pump sutured at your scrotum also will be removed.

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