Wine Service for the Beginning Bartender


Follow these easy steps to open and assist a bottle of wine.

When presenting the bottle, always wipe it away and polish with a clean bath towel. Place the bottle on a clean hand towel and present the bottle to the consumer. The label should face the customer. When doing this, use a professional waiter’s wine key. Cut the supplement (foil or plastic) off beneath the ridge on the upper neck of the bottle. Make a clean straight cut for the appearance. Hold the wines screw next to the top of the bottle. Compare the length of the screw with the length of the cork. You must know how far you are able to screw the opener into the cork without penetrating the bottom of the natural.

Screw the cork screw ¾ of the way into the cork. Do not penetrate the bottom of the cork. The lever should be about level with all the top of the bottle. If the corkscrew provides penetrated though the bottom of the cork, you will see small pieces of cork flying in the wine. Do not serve this particular bottle of wine to the customer. Start over with a fresh bottle. The first bottle of wine can be stored by straining the wine through a clean coffee filter into a carafe plus served by the glass. Move the particular lever to the lip of the bottle. It should fit flush against the lip of the bottle. Place your thumb on the end of the wine key to get leverage. Begin to extract the cork, using firm and even pressure. Tend not to try to jerk the cork out there, as it may break.

Continue to pull for the cork until it is completely out there. Long corks require an easy touch and a little patience. Place the natural to the right of the customers spot setting. Do not expect the customer to inspect or sniff the cork on the low-priced bottle of wine. The cork might be presented on a napkin in an upscale establishment. Pour 1 ½ ounces of wine for the host in order to sample. The person who ordered the wine is the one who should sample the wine. Wines is always served from the right-hand side of the customer. Pour five to six ounces of wine within the host’s glass, about two thirds full. Fill all other wine glasses. If you’re ready to learn more info in regards to prosecco delivery take a look at our own web page.
Start right of the host, plus proceed counter-clockwise around the table. Inside a social situation, you may serve females first, by generation, oldest first. Proper wine service dictates that red wine be served in a red wine glass and white wine be served in a white wine glass. The appropriate glass sixe is eight ½ to 10 ounces.

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