Camping Tents For Sale Review


There’s nothing like packing up your backpacks and setting out on a trek through the countryside just to get a break from life. Be it with your entire family or your fiance, it is something that satisfies the appetite for adventure as well as facilitates bonding between people. Going through the list of camping tents for sale, you will find that exact one in your price range that suits all your needs.

Planning to spend a cozy weekend snuggling up to that special person in your life? Try out the bright yellow Eureka Apex 2XT Adventure Two-Person Tent. Measuring to 7′ 5″ by 4′ 11″, having two doors and two windows, it can be very easily set up even in high winds and during any time of the year. Having vestibules offering enough space at the sides to store all your gear, the popularity of this tent lies in the one side mesh wall. Starting from providing great ventilation to the opportunity of star gazing this stormshield polyester fly protected mesh wall, is one appealing point for the customers.

In case you want to take out your entire family for an outing to have a great camping vacation with quality family bonding opportunity, go for the Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome set amongst all the camping tents for sale. Measuring measures 15 by 7.16 by 10 feet, it a spacious two room beauty providing ample sleeping space for eight people. It’s celebrated cyclone venting system and the Gobe dry system cools warm air, dries up quickly after rain and doesn’t let the rains enter. Equipped with lofts and various holders it is that perfectly spacious tent to for your family to be in.

In case you have a larger family and need to accommodate more than 10 people, Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 is what you need. The 15 ft by 12 ft Family Tent houses up to 12 people.
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Flexibility of converting it into a one-room or a two room affair it has numerous advantages like that of vertical walls for extra space, detachable shade at front, skylights for stargazing, designed lofts for extra storage and lastly its polyester covering and flooring along with the 9 steel and fiberglass for maximum weather resistance.

Two friends or brothers going on a biking trip? Then there’s nothing like the Wenzel Starlight 2-Person Hiker/Biker Tent that you can pick up from the online list of camping tents for sale. It is really one of the best camping tents for sale you will find anywhere. Compact and light it is easy to carry and stands up to a 22 Sq.ft extremely stable and weather resistant space for the two bikers.

Lastly if your teenaged children are going to for an adventure trip with friends or cousins, buy them a sporty looking red Coleman Ara 4-Person Tent for that ultimate camping adventure experience which they will never forget.

Highly resistant to stormy conditions, it is an easy to use, 5 minutes set up tent having 1 door, 3 windows, a porch, a number of lofts, holders, gear pockets, electrical ports and all the tent furnishings you can think of. Amongst all the camping tents for sale it is one of the most attractive with its bright red colour and is a huge hit with the youngsters.

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