Songs Producer – What Does a Music Producer Do?


A Music Producer’s job is to guide you through the process of making a song or even record. With expansive knowledge and experience within audio engineering, audio mixing, creating and the actual costs associated with making a report, a music producer can arranged you and your music on a path to achieve your true sonic potential.


The process will begin with pre-production. This can be a series of meetings to discuss what you are attempting to achieve musically and career wise as well as going through all the material for the project in great detail.

Every project is unique and has its own group of challenges and processes. These problems and characteristics should be identified within pre-production so we can select the proper process to achieve your goals. Once this has been established a realistic budget can be established. With the budget out of the way there should be few surprises and the innovative work of making a record can be carried out in a relaxed productive environment.

Some of the subjects to be covered in pre-production are usually:

Song Key
Song Arrangement
Review Lyrics
Musicians that will be needed
Environment of the recording procedure
Song Key

The best key for your song is a crucial decision. There are several factors to consider. If there is a vocal are these claims the best key for the vocalist? Is this the best key for the instrumentation? Just because you sat at the piano and wrote the song in F major does not mean that is the best important for the other instruments or vocalist. This needs to be looked at.

Song Set up

Song form is a very important element of good song writing. A manufacturer will help you decide whether your song is in its strongest state or even if choruses and verses need to be modified.

Often times a band will write a song and carry out it many times before they record it. Quite often you have heard the song so many times in that form that you can’t hear it any other way. A music producer is a clean set of experienced and educated hearing. He might be able to hear your song in a way that you had not thought of. An excellent music producer will not change a song for the sake of change but only in the best interest of the song.

Target Audience

Understanding who you want to purchase your record is another crucial subject. In case you are a singer songwriter who’s target audience relates to James Taylor, we will not be spending time or money on drum programming.
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A good producer should understand the style of music you are creating and know how to attain and recreate the particular musical properties that are characteristic to that particular style. The overall sound that is natural to a style is very important when getting to a target audience.

Review Lyrics

Having a skilled Music Producer go through your words in pre-production is another key element. Depending on the style of music you are creating, lyrics might be a key component. Having one more set of experienced ears can help be sure you are phrasing and conveying your own message in the strongest, most music way possible.


A big part of making a record is budget planning. The recording process is very expensive and can step out of control without proper planning. It is area of the music producers job to understand the time and resources needed to complete building. The proper amount of time and money will have to be assessed in pre-production and then allocate to each phase of the recording process. The music producer can then keep your project running on a pre talked about time frame and financial frame through the course of your project.

Recording projects are usually notorious for going over budget. This does not need to be the status quo. With correct planning and time spent in pre-production, a good music producer will keep your project on time, on budget and additional expenses to a minimum.

Musicians that will be Needed

A good music producer will have a good network of musicians in the multitude of styles that they work with. It requires years to build the relationships of a good working network of skilled musicians. With a good producer you will have this available to you. He will also be able to simply work with the musicians in your band. He will understand and speak the chinese language of music as well as have a functioning technical knowledge of all instruments. A good producer will also understand that you need the ideal player for the right style plus make sure this aspect is in location.

Environment of Recording Process

The majority of successful music producers have a background in audio engineering, performance plus song writing. They will understand the significance of having the right equipment and the correct environment to create a relaxed, productive environment for the artist.

A professional recording facility usually has a large selection of facilities microphones, pre-amps, studio software, hardware, outboard gear, professional recording equipment as well as a selection of instruments and sound producing gear. This usually creates an ideal environment for the recording process.

Professional recording equipment is very expensive plus usually not affordable for the home studio.

Sometimes part of the recording process can be done in a home studio if some simple recording equipment is in place like a couple of high end studio microphones and preamps.

Again this will be discussed in pre-production and the appropriate environment will be chosen for each phase of the project.

Why You Need a Music Producer

Hiring an expert Music Producer might seem a bit daunting or just another added expense for an already expensive process, so why should you hire one.

Having an experienced music producer to navigate the recording process and help keep you on stage through the process of creating a record can be invaluable. Not only can a record maker save you thousands of dollars from wasting facility time, he can help you reach your own true potential as an artist.

Having an experienced ear on your side when faced with a multitude of creative decisions on a daily basis is a huge plus. There is a proverbial sea of small details and choices you will be confronted with daily throughout the recording procedure. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with choices and loose site of the big picture. Having someone with life experience who has done many records from start to finish can make these decisions knowledgeably. This can make the whole process of recording a record less daunting, more creative and far more enjoyable.

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