The Benefits of Video for Pet Groomers — How to Fetch Up New Business


Nowadays more and more money is being spent on the grooming and maintenance of our household pets. And why shouldn’t we? House animals are warm, cuddly and extremely photogenic. Which brings us to ten different ways using video for your family pet grooming business can really pay off. We all know that pictures and videos of our own pets can really tug at our heartstrings (and wallets). Now let’s take a take a look at how these same pets can assist grow a pet grooming business. For more info about buy youtube watch hours stop by our own web-page.

2. 1 . Satisfied client testimonials. This is an extremely effective way to draw in potential clients. People trust people who give real honest reviews. Why not capture some upon video and post them on the website and YouTube Business Route. You do have one right?

* second . Share and show simple easy-to-do grooming tips that can be done by viewers in your own home.

* 3. A brief video associated with what exactly pet grooming is. Take the mystery out of the process and show exactly what pet grooming consists of.

* four. Before and after videos. Use video or perhaps a video slideshow to let customers see a pet before it undergoes a process. Then allow customers to find the transformation.

* 5. A video displaying a pet being happily groomed. Utilizing a few different camera angles from the process could add some dimension and depth to the video.

* 6. A brief video tour of your company. People are always interested in seeing the ‘inner workings’ of something.

* 7. An introductory video associated with yourself and perhaps some of your employees. Just show some smiling and happy workers and the rest is going to take care of itself. Also in this associated with social media, people want to know, you, the proprietor and get familiar with you.

* 7. How about using a video to announce an upcoming sale on a particular grooming service that would only be available in order to customers who have seen your video clip.

* 9. Show off your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What sets apart you from the competition? Free pick-up and delivery of their pet? Some awards you have won? Free espresso and snacks to waiting customers?

* 10. Finally, why not display how (if applicable) you bridegroom different types of pets with different temperaments? So there you have it… some ideas means successfully using video to help broaden your customer base. And remember, the local customers are out there actively looking for you. According to the Kelsey Group an astonishing 74% of Internet users perform nearby searches. Also, according toweb inductive sites TMP and ComScore, 66% of Americans use an online local search (like Google local search) to find local businesses. Why not add video and truly let them see your business instead of just reading about it?

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