Eco-friendly Gift Wrap – Giving Presents a Good Wrap


I actually spent a good part of the day operating errands today and saw a few really cute gift wrap in the stores that I almost bought… then I stopped myself. I’m usually the person that’s storming around the mall the week before the holidays to try to get the *perfect* presents for everyone, but not this year! I’ve already started shopping-especially given that I’ll have to schlep it all around the plane with me from FL up to NY/NJ this year.

Aside from not being able to obtain wrapped presents through airport safety, wrapping paper is also extremely wasteful. Just think back to the last holiday or birthday party you were at. Wasn’t there a huge mountain of gift cover that usually gets tossed in the garbage? (Note: a lot of wrapping paper isn’t even recyclable! ).

Well, this year, I’m looking for alternatives to covering paper. In fact , I’ve already began using alternatives. Last month, I actually went to a little girl’s birthday party, so I tucked her present in pretty gift bag that someone else had provided me and then I used my trusty paper shredder to make several stuffing with old subway maps (that I obviously no longer require now that I’m in FL! ) It was cute, colorful, a good substitute for tissue paper, and it was a huge hit! Don’t have subway maps? You may use old magazines, catalogs, newspapers, comic books, wall paper scraps, your children’s artwork, or old calendars! And when you don’t have any gift bags to re-gift, you don’t have to shred these items, you can them as wrapping paper rather!

Over the summer, I gave my friend her birthday present in a reusable carry bag that she could take to the supermarket and on our garage sale adventures. You can never have a lot of tote bags! If you don’t want to move buy them, a simple Google search will give you an array of ways to make your own! (Instructables. com is a fabulous resource and has a lot of different bag designs!! )

Honestly though, I just love wrapping document! (I almost tried to become a covering paper designer! ) So if you absolutely must buy wrapping paper, a minimum of try to buy paper that’s produced from 100% recycled materials and is completely recyclable. And if you receive a gift gowns wrapped, you can do what I always perform… ever so carefully open the present so that you can reuse the wrapping paper afterwards to wrap other gifts or to make origami cranes, greeting cards, scrapbooking design pages, and other crafts.

And here is a bonus idea — don’t buy birthday and holiday cards, cut up some old ones that you’ve obtained and make gift tags! Or kick it up a notch plus make a collage card with a couple different designs! Now you’re not just recycling, you’re UPcycling!

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