I Love Planting Plants


I actually don’t just do crazy stuff all the time you know. I think that there is nothing better than some quite time in-between your daily schedules. And I find that farming is the perfect relaxation for me. Much more me feel better about daily events and makes me realize that we have to love the earth that we live in.

Caring for your plants around you and just looking after your yard can do wonders for you personally, wonders that you would not know of. This made me feel better than I actually ever did and gives your soul a calm feeling that gives a person hope and strength for what ever may come your way.

I would recommend it to any one who feels stressed out or sick and tired of work, school or any thing that may be bothering you. I have been gardening for some time now and learned a lot in regards to the plants and how you should plant them with their ground types that they need to maintain. I started doing it with the mother a few years back and never stopped doing it.
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It also gives me and my mother some bonding time that people don’t have that often so it does more than just the all wonderful peace feeling.

Now you might think that it is easy to do and all that you have to do is plant it give it some water and then allow it to be, well that is definitely not the case. You have to give constant attention to this and always keep a hand onto it, because it will go ruff very fast in my opinion. I have stayed out of the garden last week for just 5 days and when I went back in to see how my vegetation are doing I got a shock of all the leafs laying there and the grass that will started growing in-between the plant life.

I immediately started cleaning up and started pulling out grass where ever I could, and I spent most of our afternoon in the garden pulling out all of those grass and taking away the deceased leafs.

In our garden me and my mother each have our personal area that we garden in and we do not cross that line. Sometimes we compete to see whose backyard looks the nicest and then from then on we give each other a hug and compliment one another. This is what brought me personally and my mother closer to one another.

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