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Getting technology news is the easiest job today because technology today is definitely moving so rapidly that every 7 days there is more interesting news than the previous week. In the sphere associated with consumer technology there are some rumors, several real life news and some confirmed scoops that cover every week and much better if we could have some way to distinguish between your news and rumors.

There have been severe activities in UK to toss the anti piracy net. This is necessary to sort out the semi illegal activities happening through this nation in the internet. Some of them are innocents who have also been included in this huge net of legal tangle. Naturally the particular innocent companies are making lot of noise but the powers be are not quite open to suggestions in this regard. Presently the situation is that they are selectively releasing some of the not so tainted companies from the obstructed list and this is the only beneficial hopes from the situation.

The solid rumor of cheaper Apple phones is growing stronger but many experts believe this is not feasible in the near future. The main stuttering blocks in this rumor are the old models of devices from Apple only. These are made cheaper once a new and improved model is presented and that does take care of the price war with other competitors. This has worked till now but inch by in . the company is losing ground to competition. May be they will really think relating to this in innovative ways and expose more glass and fiber to have the pricing suitable for the developing nations and have a stronger and wider customer base.

Google or the web (as some experts prefer to contact it) is desperately trying to enter those grounds they are either not allowed or not getting enough footholds. Schmidt’s recent visit to North Korea has been an attempt to break the standoff with earnest pleas. Whether he works or not will take time to conclude. The visit was high profile one and contradiction to political objections. The particular relation between two countries is not cordial but that air of antagonism has never stopped or forced any business from withdrawing any of their business initiatives. Many are very optimistic about the buildup which has the to open the country to new tips and interactions with others with exchange of thought. Some may also be skeptic.
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Samsung, the new rising star of Smartphone manufacturing is once again at forefront for producing the flexible screen device. Given the particular technological complications they may start with a tablet and they minimize it with regard to Smartphone. There are still many issues remaining to be sorted out and directly to say that it is still in the design board. ‘When’ is a big question for them and us today and there is still no definite solution.

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