Small Business Secret: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards


Shhhh, here’s a small business secret for acknowledging credit cards you need to know about because…

“We no longer take cash. ”

All those were the words I heard from a flight attendant on a business journey a few weeks ago. The flight attendant was giving the cabin information on record of cocktails available to purchase.

Now i’m thinking (but said allowed with no noticing), “Huh?! Really, who isn’t going to take cash? ”

We are 10, 000 feet in the air; all WiFi enabled electronic devices are now in air mode which means no connection. How will they process a credit card?

To my surprise the flight attendants were equipped with handheld devices to swipe credit cards that immediately returned an consent number. NICE.

Guess what!?

Did you know you too can accept credit card payments anywhere? There is a new way for businesses to accept bank cards without having a merchant account.

Time to Be Square

Square is a card reader where you can accept credit card payments on any device with an sound input jack.

You guessed it! This includes your mobile phone.

It works for the iPhone also on the iPad or iPod Touch and on Google Android phones (sidebar: I got a Droid two weeks ago and love it). Square was created by Jack Dorsey. Yes, the same Jack Dorsey who is cofounder of Twitter.

Square allows you to start taking card payments (and cash too) at anytime from anywhere. Square is different from a merchant account because there are no contracts, no monthly fees, or hidden costs. You don’t even have to pay for the equipment; which is just a small cellular card reader device.

Square Vegetables Your Business

With Square there is no document to store or keep track of for your business or customers.

Using Square you can review track and deal with the money you are paid online using their simple, easy to use payments page. All Square transactions; your cash, credit card buys and credit card payments can be accessed securely from anywhere. You can quickly observe how much you’ve made for the day, organized simply by tax, payment method and suggestions (if you accept them). Best of all your data can be downloaded in other programs.

Most receipts are sent to your customer’s mobile phone and kept in a well-organized view. You customers can search photos of every item they purchased, read descriptions, and share the list with others.

How To Get Your Square

If you are ready to get your square (remember it doesn’t cost you a cent to get one) here’s what you need to do:

download the app type iTunes or the Android Market
follow the instruction on the app to create an account
Essential Square TIPS

You have to be approved to accept credit card payments. You must provide your SSN, DOB and receive a basic background check (same as a product owner account)
You have to wait to receive your own Square card reader until you are usually approved
You have restrictions on getting your money (due to fraud potential). Limited to the $1000 immediately, $1000 each week then 30 days you get the remainder. The Square team is focusing on ways to increase the limits
If you have any inquiries about exactly where and how to use 소액결제 현금화, you can speak to us at our own site.

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