Custom Screen Doors – Beauty and Function in One​


Whether you live in an apartment, room or mansion, you can always count on the many benefits custom screen doors can bring to a home. In seasons of great weather, having custom screen doors installed in your home can be one of the most marvelous experiences you can enjoy. There is nothing like perfect spring weather or cool fresh breezes that come through windows and doors of homes. If you do not have custom screen doors installed, you can expect bugs, lizards, and other nasty insects to reign on your floor. This may be a ghastly sight, not to mention the potential harm these critters can inflict on you and your precious members of the family. Installing custom screen doors gives you the advantage of bug-free fresh air through your doors and windows at all times.
What is nice about these doors is the fact that if your door is odd-sized, it may be custom-ordered for installation. If your door just doesn’t fit in any of the standard measurements in a DIY or hardware store, you don’t have to worry because a custom screen door can be manufactured for you according to your specific measurements.
On the other hand, if your door fits standard door measurements, you can simply visit your local home improvement store and purchase from there. There are many kinds to choose from – wide and narrow frames, soft and hard woods, and even different kinds of joints and locks. These doors are affordable. In fact, they may be on the cheap side. However, you can expect that you need to replace it after a season or two.
On the other side of the spectrum is what we call handcrafted custom screen doors. You will find a handful of specialty stores engaged in the trade of beautifully-designed doors for the more tasteful clientèle. Some designs include doors that are Victorian-inspired, wood-carved, and other more detailed renditions that transform a regular door into a magnificent work of art! Virtually every architectural style may be applied to a screen door. All one needs is a little creativity. These unique ones carry a heftier price tag but it is sure to invite praises from guests who pay a visit to your home. Moreover, the wood that is used as material for the frame is often the sturdier type of wood (cypress wood or dense pine) which offers not only stability but also resistance to rotting, offering the customer a longer useful life and durability than those available from a local home improvement store. With handcrafted screen doors, you can also expect stronger joints and connections which add to the door’s strength. It is not only beautifully designed but also well built. And since the door is a main point of entrance, it becomes the first thing people see and therefore creates the strongest 36 x 94 sliding screen door  visual impact. Investing in custom screen doors become a wise investment in this sense.
Purchase your doors online today and enjoy the benefits of cool breezes without the pesky bugs.

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